As a student run, not-for-profit organisation with no university funding, we are reliant on our incredibly generous benefactors to run our fantastic events and spread our passion for Hindu culture. To facilitate our future plans, we require funds to book some of the best venues in Cambridge and source food, drink and high quality entertainment for all over the country.

CUHCS has been growing consistently over the last decade, in terms of members and events. Over the next year, our committee has ambitions of taking the society to even greater heights. Building on the huge success of our Diwali Dinner and Dance 2016, this year we want to take the event to a new level, rebranding it as a Diwali Ball with a grander venue, a fine dining experience and better entertainment.  We also plan to run a charity “sewa” week, raising money through events such as cooking classes and dance nights, as a way of giving something back to our cherished local community. Lastly, we wish to establish a termly magazine, as a way to connect with our community and provide a platform for our members to voice their opinions on Hinduism.

Moreover, CUHCS offers sponsors the unparalleled opportunity of connecting with some of the brightest students and academics at one of the world’s best universities. In addition to our member base, our facebook page is followed by over 1000 people, we have an active facebook group of almost 1000 people and our notices can be publicised throughout the entire Cambridge University student populace, thereby reaching the attention over 25,000 of the world’s best minds.

If you wish to find out more about the benefits of sponsoring CUHCS and receive a personalised sponsorship package, please contact one of our sponsorship officers, Nishant Bommayya (nb548@cam.ac.uk, 07949870853) and Nikhil Gondalia (ng418@cam.ac.uk, 07432718783).