Here at CUHCS we put on a variety of events throughout the year, organising a number of large flagship events throughout the year (check them out using the links below) as well as a plethora of smaller scale events, with plenty of opportunities to get involved at any time! We hope to foster a strong sense of community among Hindu students in Cambridge, and although we are a Hindu society in name all students are welcome to join regardless of their faith! Alcohol is not provided at our events, and all food we serve is vegetarian. 

So what kind of events do we have? Well, we have weekly social events, and myriad learning events as well for those who wish to learn more about Hinduism. As for our larger events, as a society we celebrate Garba, Diwali and Holi annually, with each event being well-attended! And who could forget our flagship event, Mastana, an annual cultural gala showcasing our students’ talents, which donates all its proceeds to charity? Or our summer Garden Party, where our community can enjoy a sunny afternoon of food and drinks and music together? If you have any ideas for events, please get in touch with us at or through our Facebook or Instagram page.

Visit our learning page to find out more about the learning events that we hold, including weekly satsangs.

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