A period should end a sentence, not a girl’s education. The Pad Project combats the issues of period poverty, stigmatisation, and the inadequate reproductive and sexual health education, all of which can impede young women finishing their education. With the support of Action India, The Pad Project implements machines that make pads out of natural fibre, which in turn provide a source of income and education for women in the local area. This charity provides a step forward in female empowerment in rural India, and towards reducing the stigma of menstruation in communities there.



Support Dogs is a UK-based charity that provides, trains and supports specialist assistance dog partnerships to increases the independence and quality of life for those affected autism, epilepsy and physical disability. For every £1 the charity spends on their work, there is an estimated societal saving of £19. But more importantly, these tiny heroes can provide their owners a life-changing amount of support. Fundraising for the training and care of Support Dogs can transform the lives of families that deserve them the most.