Agony Amma

Hi! Welcome to Hindu Soc’s ‘Ask an Agony Amma’- a twist on the traditional agony aunt column. (Amma is the tamil word for mother).

We’re both 2nd year medics who are lucky enough to be in tune with our spiritual selves and would like to put our abundance of worldly experience and spiritual knowledge to good use. We would like to assure you that this initiative isn’t being fuelled by our appetite for scandal and we are genuinely here to offer consolation and guidance. ( but we do love beef so pls help some veggie gals out xox)

We invite you to send in your woes/traumatic tales/details of disastrous decisions and we will (hopefully!) offer comforting, reassuring and practical advice. Whether you are experiencing existential angst or just worried about friendship issues we are here to help!

Please send us your messages via our page by clicking on the link below. All messages are completely anonymous. We will then post the question and answer on this page for all to view.

Get sending!!


Much love,
Gopija and Aditi xxx

Disclaimer: All opinions on this page do NOT reflect the views of CUHCS as a whole and responsibility is taken by Gopija Nanthagopan and Aditi Sivaramakrishnan. This page is meant to be useful but also humorous and the tone is intended to be light hearted. If you read anything that you think is inappropriate please do not hesitate to message one of us and we will deal with the matter immediately.