Learning and Welfare

While there is no official chaplaincy in Cambridge, there is a temple, Bharat Bhavan on Mill Road which holds Aartis every Sunday at 6:30. From Michelmas, Hindusoc committee will be sending members to the service and anyone interested is free to join! In addition the society regularly holds Aartis before events such as Diwali Dinner and Garba, which are well attended. For more information on Hinduism please see our page: Hinduism as a religion or contact one of our learning officers!


From next term, Hindusoc are introducing a new project call Agony Amma. A play on the tradition agony aunt (Amma being the tamil word for mother), it offers students an an opportunity to anonymously contact and seek advice from our learning officers if they have any questions or concerns. Please contact our learning officers Aditi Sivaramakrishnan (as2660@cam.ac.uk) and Gopija Nanthagopan (gn278@cam.ac.uk) for more information!