Cambridge University Hindu Cultural Society (CUHCS) is a thriving and dynamic society striving to showcase the rich heritage and culture of Hinduism with a strong member base of approximately 500 consisting of university students, alumni and members of the local Cambridge community, all united by a passion for Hindu culture. CUHCS holds numerous vibrant events where we aim to promote strong moral, cultural and spiritual beliefs amongst young thinkers in our community.

Our flagship event, Mastana, is one of the biggest student Asian cultural shows in the UK, featuring the best talent in Cambridge and headline acts such as award winning comedian Paul Chowdhry. Previously, the show has been attended by more than 1000 people from all over the country, broadcast by leading music channel B4U and has raised in excess of £10,000 for various local and Indian charities.

Apart from Mastana, CUHCS holds three major events: Garba, Diwali Dinner and Holi. While Garba and Diwali Ball provide nights of exhilarating music, food and dance, Holi promises to be a colourful and chaotic extravaganza attended by thousands of students and members of the local community. Hence, through our events, we try our utmost to have a wide reach across people from different backgrounds in Cambridge.

These events are supplemented by cultural events such as Aarti’s and topical religious debates as well as more relaxed social events such as a summer garden party, movie nights and dinners, to engage with all aspects of Hindu culture. We also actively collaborate with other large university societies and Hindu Societies at other universities.