CUHCS organises multiple events throughout the calendar year to coincide with and celebrate major Hindu festivals. These events are both ticketed and non-ticketed and whilst are primarily aimed ar univesity students, we welcome anyone who is interested in Hinduism and its rich hsitory to join us.

The society typically hosts 4 flagship events, namely Garba, Diwali, Mastana and Holi in addition to many smaller scale social events such as Bollywood movie nights, a Garden party and Indian food evenings. Please see our term card for further details about events this term!

Garba, Diwali and Mastana provide nights of exhilirating music, food and dance, whilst Holi promises to be a colourful and chaotic extravaganza attended by thousands of students and members of our local community.

These events are supplemented by cultural events such as aarti’s and topical religious debates as well as more relaxed social events such as our summer garden party, movie nights and dinners, to engage with all aspects of Hindu culture. We also actively collaborate with other large university societies and Hindu Societies at other universities.

Hence, through our events, we try our utmost to have a wide reach across people from different backgrounds in Cambridge as well as allowing people to express and celebrate their religion while away from home.

Our first event for this academic year is our fresher’s squash at Sidney Sussex College, Knox Shaw Room, Thursday 5th of October, 14:00 to 16:00. This is a great way for incoming freshers to meet our amazing committee, get free food, discounted Lola’s tickets and buy membership!

The best way to keep up to date with all of our upcoming events is to like our Facebook page, email our publicity officer Varshita Narasah ( to be emailed a term card or our secretary Manjari Dhar ( to join the CUHCS mailing list and get newsletters containg information about our events directly to your inbox.

In addition, membership to the society, annual or lifetime, offers discounted tickets to most of our events and voting rights at our annual general meet and elections. If you are interested in becoming a member of CUHCS, please email our secretary Manjari Dhar ( or see our join page.